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  • Healthcare and Technology:  Joining Forces for Excellent Patient Care
  • Stronger Hits the Small Screen this Week!

    Stronger Hits the Small Screen this Week!

    Which will give all of you United Prosthetics fans a chance to pause and rewind all your favorite scenes, in a virtual game of, “Where’s Gary Martino?”.  As many of you know, United Prosthetics was fortunate enough to be featured in the movie Stronger, which starred Jake Gyllenhaal portraying Jeff Bauman on his road to recovery after los...

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  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland: Navigating Winter Weather with Your Lower Limb Prosthesis
  • Femita Interviewed on The Breakfast Club Radio Show!

    Femita Interviewed on The Breakfast Club Radio Show!

    Femita Ayanbeku was recently invited to New York to be interviewed on air for the nationally syndicated morning radio show, The Breakfast Club.  She did an excellent job getting her inspirational story across and getting the word out about the amazing accomplishments of Paralympians all over the world.  Listen to her discuss the brutal car accident that ...

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  • And The Winner Is…!

    And The Winner Is…!

    Chris Martino hosted an impromptu raffle with the assistance of Paul Martino, CP this morning to determine the winner of an iPod touch.  And after their best Pat Sajak and Vanna White impersonations (respectively?), the winner was Gerald Schoolnick, congratulations, Gerald!  Thank you to everyone who entered the raffle at our booth during the Limb Loss E...

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