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  • Celebrating the Human Form in All Its Manifestations!

    Celebrating the Human Form in All Its Manifestations!

    We were excited to see Kirstie Ennis featured in the 2017 ESPN Body Issue wearing nothing but her prosthesis. Kirstie is a snowboarder and mountaineer in addition to being a retired Marine Corps sergeant. Bold displays such as this go a long way toward bringing limb loss awareness to the masses and empower those who may be struggling with acceptance of the...

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  • New Location Coming Soon!!!

    New Location Coming Soon!!!

    United is proud to announce that we will be opening a new 5000 square foot patient care center in the Crown Colony Medical Park in Quincy! This will be in addition to our Boston location. The grand opening is scheduled for January 2017 and we will be providing more details and updates as we approach. Stay tuned for the virtual tour coming soon!  

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  • ¡Más fuertes juntos, la familia de United Prosthetics siempre crece!
  • Patriot’s Logos Are Big This Season!

    Patriot’s Logos Are Big This Season!

    Another Pats fan requested that we do a custom design on his socket, and we obliged.  He’ll be ready to rock today for the Pat’s return after the bye week.  Aside from the cosmetic design, this above knee suction socket features a BOA dial system.  This system design allows the wearer to turn a knob to adjust the tightness/looseness througho...

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  • Thank You To All Our Veterans!

    Thank You To All Our Veterans!

    United Prosthetics wants to extend our deepest thanks to all our country’s Veterans and active military personnel for their service and sacrifice. Over the 100+ years of our company history we have seen first hand the sacrifice many individuals have made to preserve our freedom, and it has been humbling. We are proud of our long standing commitment t...

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