• Dan Richardson

    Dan Richardson is a right above knee amputee, which resulted from an accident when he was nineteen years old.

    Dan Richardson Right above knee amputee

  • Carlton E. Grace

    Carlton Grace had a right above knee amputation later in life, and currently wears an Otto Bock C-Leg.

    Carlton E. Grace Right above knee amputee

  • Russell Hill

    Russ Hill has not let the traumatic amputation of his left leg below the knee hinder his outdoor lifestyle.

    Russell Hill Left leg below knee amputee

  • George Munro

    George Munro is a WWII Veteran who lost his left leg above the knee during the Battle of Guam.

    George Munro Above the knee amputee

  • Richard Cripps

    Richard Cripps has been a bilateral above knee amputee for many years following a run in with a train. He has experienced many different types of prostheses in his life, and currently wears two Otto Bock C-Legs.

    Richard Cripps Bilateral above knee amputee

  • Christopher Komejko

    Christopher Komejko is twenty two years old, and despite wearing a below knee prosthesis for nearly his entire life, has excelled as an athlete.


    Christopher Komejko Below Knee Prosthesis

  • Leon Gould

    Leon Gould is a retired school principal who had his right leg amputated below the knee after a bypass surgery failed to relieve his chronic pain.

    Leon Gould Right below knee amputee

  • Joanne Aspeel

    Joanne Aspeel is a bilateral (both sides) below knee amputee who is able to maintain an active lifestyle, which mainly consists of keeping up with her three kids.


    Joanne Aspeel Bilateral below knee amputee

  • Vinnie Dibiasio

    Vinnie Dibiasio is a 60 year old, right above-knee amputee, who currently wears an Otto Bock C-Leg. He battles Diabetes and Vascular Disease.

    Vinnie Dibiasio Right above-knee amputee